Thursday, March 18, 2010


Where has the time gone? My laptop broke, so I tend to only jump on our giant sized computer for email and facebook, and have neglected blogging--both reading and writing! While I thought I would reach this goal a few months ago, I am about a week away from hitting the big 5-0. Right now I am at 49.2 pounds lost! I really thought I'd reach this by New Year's, but impulsive holiday eating helped me stay stagnant for awhile. And then I began to exercise more, and while I haven't taken off much weight from that, I have lost a whole clothing size! So, I started at 4X tops and 24 bottoms and am now usually in 18 bottoms and 2X tops (depending on who made them!) and even fit into one XL tshirt that I have (not drying it!).

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  1. Sorry about your laptop! That's frustrating.

    I wonder how many of us say, "I thought I'd be at goal right now!" I love that you're excited about the great things you have accomplished--there's no time line on getting to goal.

    Congrats on losing that size from exercising! I experienced that, too. And woo-hoo for the XL shirt!