Friday, September 25, 2009

43.4 Pounds Gone!

I lost 1.4 pounds this week. I felt like I did really good eating, though I didn't do any exercising. I accounted for every piece of candy, etc. I had, and had very little dining out, so only used about 15 of my weekly points. And, then came today. I started out well, but then after lunch and a couple of candy binges during the day, I was left with just 6 points left. So, I had a 6 point dinner (normally have 10-13). Then an ice cream sandwich (skinny cow), so only used 2 of my weekly points, which is pretty good for a Friday. Here's hoping I have another good week! :) I got a lot of comments today on how "skinny" I was looking. What's funny about that is that I am far from it, but I know what they mean--I'm shrinking before their very eyes. And, the outfit I had on today must have looked slimming. Today I even took a look at some wedding sets. I'm married, and have been for 9 years, but my rings were bought very inexpensively (and it shows), and I'd love to upgrade. Since my fingers are shrinking too, I figure I'll wait till I can't wear these anymore for fear of them falling off, and then reward myself! Sound good? Here's my picture for the week:

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Update & Glazed Green Beans

I lost 1.5 pounds this week! I was pretty surprised, as I used every last one of my flex points (again) and did a lot of "estimating" my points with certain foods. But, we also went for family bike rides a couple of times, in which I pull an extra 50 pounds (my son and the trailer he rides in). I guess that helped! I was in a munching mode this week and feel like I ate a ton of candy from passing by the bowl at work. A praise though--for the first time in many many weeks, I didn't dip into my flex points on a Friday--yesterday! I came in exact, and feel like I ate a ton of food. I made a new impromptu recipe at dinner last night, shared below, and ate them all! Good thing they weren't too bad for me! Now we're getting ready to make some of the cookies I shared a recipe for awhile back. Yum!

My total weight loss to date:

Glazed Green Beans
1 tsp. EVOO
1 pkg. fresh steamable green beans
4 pieces bacon, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 T. balsalmic vinegar
2 T. brown sugar blend

First, cook the green beans according to package directions. In the meantime, sautee the garlic and bacon. Add the green beans and drizzle with the vinegar (I used dressing) and brown sugar. Continue sauteeing until the vinegar starts to get a little syrupy. I estimated 4 points for this and it was so yummy that I ate it ALL! It was a combo of a few recipes I found online. YUM YUM!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

You know you're on WW when...

I am a member of a WW group on Facebook, and saw this post..."You know you are a WW member when..." and was cracking up at some of the responses. I had to share some of them. I've either done these, or they made me laugh out loud. :)

You know you are a weight watchers member when:

you shave your body the night before you weigh in.

you stand in the aisles of the grocery store calculating the point value of foods you want to buy.

Your child says there are too many POINTS in something s/he doesn't want to eat!

When you see someone eating a wendys baconator and you yell "DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY POINTS THAT IS?!!!"

When you have a cold and need cough drops, you buy the sugar free cough drops.

When you try to deconstruct and re-invent every fattening recipe you know of by replacing fat and increasing fiber!

When people start asking you "How many points is this?" and they aren't on WW.

When you calculate points to the fraction of an ounce - like cutting up the 6oz block of reduced fat cheese into EIGHT pieces so that each piece is one Point instead of two.

When you actually HEAR your stomach growl.

When your roommate opens the fridge and/or freezer and says "Ahhh!! It's Weight Watcher Land!!!"

When you go for a glucose test at the doc's and ask how many calories are in the overly sugary drink, so you can count the points for it.

When you go to a restaurant and they ask you what kind of salad dressing and you say "none" and then pull some out of your purse.

You see a pair of jeans on sale for $7 in your new size and really think over whether you should get them, because you might not be in that size for long!


I hope you got a kick out of those. Share yours in the comments! :) My stats--I lost 2 pounds this week, which put me into the fabulous forties!! It felt great to be over that hump! And, just this morning I got more size 2X and size 20 clothes, which felt great. And, the $7 jeans comment above...that was me today!

I must admit I felt skinny minny at work yesterday wearing my new smaller clothes, just felt like I was taking up less space. And, not having such baggy clothes on really brought on the comments! I know I have a long way to go before I am skinny, but this is feeling GOOD!

I even went to a buffet last night and didn't overdo it too much. Used about 10-15 of my flex points, but that's what they are there for, and I ate a lot less than I would have pre-WW, and was still stuffed!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


I took these pictures with my phone so the res isn't great, but I just wanted to say I LOVE VEGGIES! And, I'm so glad I love veggies, since they're usually 0 points!

I was going high on points today due to a lunch out and poor snacking choices in the afternoon. I was making pigs in a blanket for dinner with ff hot dogs and 1 pt. biscuits, along with some garlic noodles. I had gotten some zucchini today so decided to saute one of those and threw in some red onion and cherry tomatoes. This made up the bulk of my meal, so I only had a 6 point dinner!

I'm going to a family event tomorrow and needed to bring something. I wanted to ensure I'd have something I could graze on without blowing my points, so I made this fab corn and black bean relish (recipe below).
Corn/Black Bean Goodness:
3 cans canned corn, drained
1 can black beans, drained
1 tiny can diced green chilis (don't drain)
Chopped cucumber (I used 1/2 of a large one)
Chopped green pepper (I used 1/2 of one)
Diced tomato (I used 2 smaller ones)
Red onion (I used 1/2 of a small one)
Cilantro (I probably used 1 T. dried)
Cumin (Again, probably used 1 T. dried)
Salt & Pepper (1/2 tsp. each maybe?)
Seasoned Salt (1 tsp. probably)
Dried Minced Garlic (1 1/2 tsp likely)

Combine and stir, let sit for a few hours and enjoy!!!

Oh, by the way, I maintained this week. Weighed in at the exact weight as last week. That's a first, but I was pleased with it since I had used all my weekly flex points + some. Here's hoping I can make that up this week! OH, and I hit our local thrift stores today and got three different things in size 20. I didn't think they'd fit yet, but maybe soon, so got them for later. I tried them on when I got home to see how far I had to go...and they all fit PERFECTLY! Not even tight. I was so excited!!! I started as a 24, so I'm down two sizes. I'm sure people at work won't know what to think this week when we have jeans day and I'm actually wearing some that fit!