Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Am I on a diet?

My dinner meals this week has been as follows:

Sunday: Steak, shrimp, homemade potato chips
Monday: Gyros
Tuesday: Pizza
Wednesday: Burger, Fries, Wings

So, am I on WW or not? Yup! With the new system I'm having a hard time adjusting what I was used to eating point-wise during the day. So, of the 41 points I have, I've been coming home from work with 20+ points! While it's been nice to eat basically how I want (minus a bedtime snack) for dinner, I'm sure eating the bulk of my points so late in the day isn't a great idea either. I'm going to try to use 20 points during the day and 20 points for after work. We'll see how it goes! I'm excited for the first weigh-in on Friday, as I'm already feeling great and less sluggish!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

And, we're back!

Fully enjoyed eating like crazy during the pregnancy. Welcomed my little bundle of joy (Oliver) on 12/2/10. Had Post Partum Depression, and didn't really eat much for a couple of weeks, while nursing for one of those weeks. Lost 30 of the 40 pounds I gained in pregnancy. Started to feel better and started eating again. Ate a lot of sweets while I stayed home with baby. Even started drink "real" soda more often than needed. Gained 20 of the 30 lost pounds back. we're back on WW. By we, I mean my husband and I! I weighed in at 265.6 and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't want me to share his weight. 265 is still 15 pounds less than when I started WW way back in February of 2009. I continued until March of 2010, when I got pregnant, and am now starting again (Feb. 18, 2011).

While I was "away," Points Plus came about. I don't really have a strong opinion about whether I like it or not, but I definitely like that fruit is free! I get 41 points each day.

Day 1:
Feeding baby at buttcrack of dawn snack: Banana
Breakfast: 1 c. fiber one shredded wheat cereal (dry) and a banana (5)
A.M. Snack: Apple (REALLY wanted chips, but resisted) (0)
Lunch: Leftover roast, mashed potatoes, 1/2 roll, and carrots and grapes (16)
P.M. Snack: Fruit Snacks after giving blood (I saved 3 lives!) (3)
Dinner: Subway--chicken breast on foot long flatbread with lots of veggies, no cheese, and vinegar, with 4 (yes 4) pringles--I have to have chips with sandwiches! (19)
After Dinner Snack: more grapes
*Dipped into my weekly extra by 3 points

Day 2:
Breakfast: 1 fried egg, 3 slices bacon, 1 piece toast with spray butter (6)
No A.M. snack!
Lunch: Jimmy Johns Unwich (Turkey, Veggies, Mayo) and 1/2 bag of "Thinny" chips and 2 clementines (instead of the rest of the chips--go me!) (10)
PM Snack: Pocky sticks and a bite or a few of my husband's air popped popcorn (1)
Dinner: BBQ Porkchop, chicken flavored rice, broccoli with cheese (10)
Bedtime Snack (hey, I had to use up the points!): Ice cream...full fat ice cream! :) (10)

I did remark to my husband "if I didn't have these points to blow, I would never eat this small bit of ice cream for 10 of my weekly points!"

By the way, my drink routine in the day is usually Diet Coke w/Splenda with breakfast (anywhere from 12-24 oz) and ice water throughout the rest of the day. I've always been a good water drinker, though I've also gotten pretty attached to 2% milk by the large glassful too, which will change now. I really hate to drink my points!!! Today I did have some Sprite Zero with a lime wedge and cherry in it (for some reason Sonic forgot to add the diet cherry syrup to make it a diet cherry limeade)!

Wish me luck! And, check back weekly for updates on how much I've lost, or possibly more often if I keep blogging what I eat and share the occasional recipe or two! :)