Saturday, September 5, 2009


I took these pictures with my phone so the res isn't great, but I just wanted to say I LOVE VEGGIES! And, I'm so glad I love veggies, since they're usually 0 points!

I was going high on points today due to a lunch out and poor snacking choices in the afternoon. I was making pigs in a blanket for dinner with ff hot dogs and 1 pt. biscuits, along with some garlic noodles. I had gotten some zucchini today so decided to saute one of those and threw in some red onion and cherry tomatoes. This made up the bulk of my meal, so I only had a 6 point dinner!

I'm going to a family event tomorrow and needed to bring something. I wanted to ensure I'd have something I could graze on without blowing my points, so I made this fab corn and black bean relish (recipe below).
Corn/Black Bean Goodness:
3 cans canned corn, drained
1 can black beans, drained
1 tiny can diced green chilis (don't drain)
Chopped cucumber (I used 1/2 of a large one)
Chopped green pepper (I used 1/2 of one)
Diced tomato (I used 2 smaller ones)
Red onion (I used 1/2 of a small one)
Cilantro (I probably used 1 T. dried)
Cumin (Again, probably used 1 T. dried)
Salt & Pepper (1/2 tsp. each maybe?)
Seasoned Salt (1 tsp. probably)
Dried Minced Garlic (1 1/2 tsp likely)

Combine and stir, let sit for a few hours and enjoy!!!

Oh, by the way, I maintained this week. Weighed in at the exact weight as last week. That's a first, but I was pleased with it since I had used all my weekly flex points + some. Here's hoping I can make that up this week! OH, and I hit our local thrift stores today and got three different things in size 20. I didn't think they'd fit yet, but maybe soon, so got them for later. I tried them on when I got home to see how far I had to go...and they all fit PERFECTLY! Not even tight. I was so excited!!! I started as a 24, so I'm down two sizes. I'm sure people at work won't know what to think this week when we have jeans day and I'm actually wearing some that fit!

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