Friday, September 25, 2009

43.4 Pounds Gone!

I lost 1.4 pounds this week. I felt like I did really good eating, though I didn't do any exercising. I accounted for every piece of candy, etc. I had, and had very little dining out, so only used about 15 of my weekly points. And, then came today. I started out well, but then after lunch and a couple of candy binges during the day, I was left with just 6 points left. So, I had a 6 point dinner (normally have 10-13). Then an ice cream sandwich (skinny cow), so only used 2 of my weekly points, which is pretty good for a Friday. Here's hoping I have another good week! :) I got a lot of comments today on how "skinny" I was looking. What's funny about that is that I am far from it, but I know what they mean--I'm shrinking before their very eyes. And, the outfit I had on today must have looked slimming. Today I even took a look at some wedding sets. I'm married, and have been for 9 years, but my rings were bought very inexpensively (and it shows), and I'd love to upgrade. Since my fingers are shrinking too, I figure I'll wait till I can't wear these anymore for fear of them falling off, and then reward myself! Sound good? Here's my picture for the week:


  1. I'm loving the pics on your blog!! Congrats on the loss so far. Good for you!!

  2. Great stuff! I'm celebrating with you! But the fact that I'm eating a cookie at this very moment is not ideal. (sorry)

  3. I just recently started following, but I enjoy reading your blog! :o)

    I gave you an award! check out my page to accept!