Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Am I on a diet?

My dinner meals this week has been as follows:

Sunday: Steak, shrimp, homemade potato chips
Monday: Gyros
Tuesday: Pizza
Wednesday: Burger, Fries, Wings

So, am I on WW or not? Yup! With the new system I'm having a hard time adjusting what I was used to eating point-wise during the day. So, of the 41 points I have, I've been coming home from work with 20+ points! While it's been nice to eat basically how I want (minus a bedtime snack) for dinner, I'm sure eating the bulk of my points so late in the day isn't a great idea either. I'm going to try to use 20 points during the day and 20 points for after work. We'll see how it goes! I'm excited for the first weigh-in on Friday, as I'm already feeling great and less sluggish!

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