Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mind vs. Stomach -- Round 1

My biggest struggle in doing WW is eating out. I eat out a lot less than I used to, but when I do, I still have a hard time making wise choices and going for the healthier options on the menu. It's something I realize, which is a step in the right direction, but am still having a hard time making the connection work between my brain and my stomach. Points are usually pretty easy to manage when I'm eating at work and home like normal. Take yesterday for example:

Breakfast: Turkey Slices on WW bagel with FF Mayo: 3 points
Baked Doritos (indiv. bag): 2 points

Snack: 94% Fat Free popcorn (ate almost the whole bag--not so great with portion control either, that's why I like individual packs so much better, but for this snack it's okay!): 1 point

Lunch: Green Beans with a Turkey Smoked Sausage (leftover): 3 points
Watermelon: 1 point

So, I headed home from work with 20 points left for the day! AMAZING! I normally have between 11-14 left at that point. This would have been a great day to have dinner out or order in, but I knew I'd be doing that for dinner tonight and tomorrow night.

I still managed to eat all of my remaining points though...
Dinner: 2 Quesadilla Burgers (3 pt. turkey burger with taco seasoning; pico de gallo; lettuce; onion; avocado in a flat out wrap with FF sour cream and RF cheese): 10 points total
Baked Tostitos, Salsa, and the remaining avocodo: 6 points

Bedtime Snack: 1/2 Fat Carmel Ice Cream

I totally could have survived and been satisfied with only having 1 burger. I really wasn't hungry for the ice cream either. I think both overindulgences were because I could. I had the points. Like I said, making that connection between the brain and the stomach is hard!

Anyway, then take today for instance:
Breakfast: Fiber One Shredded Wheat: 3 points

Snack: Sugar Snap Peas: 0 Points
Fiber Bar: 2 Points

Lunch: Leftover Turkey Burger & Chips: 6 points
Watermelon: 1 Point

So, just about on par with yesterday. 18 points left, which is still pretty good, but I like to save 20 if I'm going out to eat. My son picked Arby's. I went for their 5 for $5.95 deal. Cheesesticks for kid (his reason for wanting to go there), plus chicken nuggets and applesauce for him. I ordered the Arby's melt (one of the best options there), the value fry (kid sized), a value diet coke (again, kid sized), but what now...I still had one thing left to buy. I added the ham and swiss melt, thinking I'd toss it in the fridge for hubby's lunch tomorrow.

Wrong. I actually ate some of it. And one of R's cheesesticks. And two of his nuggets. RIDICULOUS! Mind vs. stomach totally. I wanted to eat the food food food, but my mind was saying just don't do it. I felt ridiculous battling with myself, but ate it anyway (some of it).

Afterwards I went to the Arby's site and added up my points, and went 2 over. I was suprised that I didn't do worse, but if I would have stuck to my original meal I would have had several points left for the day. So, it was a start of my attack on mind vs. stomach--I didn't order the first thing that would have jumped out at me on the menu as delicious, didn't go for huge fries, didn't get any onion petals or potato cakes either. But, I did dip into that extra sandwich and R's meal. Lame-o. One thing I've seen for sure on other's blogs is we all struggle with this.

The winner of this round of mind vs. stomach--I call it a tie. I didn't eat the other 1/2 of R's ice cream sandwich, and I didn't eat any of the nuggets he had left. We're getting there!

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