Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mind vs. Stomach -- Round 2

I am excited that my Friday and Saturday have been better than the last couple and hope that I can keep it up and see the results on the scale this week! I was nervous about going over my points at dinner tonight. I still have 25 flex points, but wasn't wanting to use them up so quickly, even though that's what I've been doing, and then some, likely! But, I ate dinner AND still have 3 points left. The biggest factor in this--I stopped when I was satisfied. That may honestly be the first time I've done that intentionally! WOO HOO! An impromptu battle of mind vs. stomach, and the mind wins!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my eats today:

Breakfast (after 10 hours of nyquil induced sleep/coma): 100 calorie pack of Lorna Doons=2 pt. and 1 string cheese=1 pt.; not the breakfast of champions but I bought the cookies two weeks ago and hadn't had any yet, was DEFINITELY not cooking (stupid summer cold), and it was almost 9 in the morning, so I knew lunch wasn't too far off. It sufficed, suprisingly. I went grocery shopping (another success--$75 under budget), and had no snack in there even!

Lunch: Burger King Tendergrill, with no mayo and onions added (put my own mayo on at home)=7 pt.; 1/2 of large fries (shared with hubby): 7 pt. Whoa! But, worth it. At least I didn't get burger. :)

After nap snack (Don't even get me started on this nap. The 5 year old did not cooperate, and sleep is what makes my colds go away, so it was a battle of wills! I napped, he didn't.): Sugar Cone with Turkey Hill Peanut Butter Mania Ice Cream (the absolute BEST ice cream EVER)=4 pt.

Dinner: I made homemade pizzas using Wheat premade crusts from Meijer. They're square and that's the only place I've seen them. It's 12 pt. for the whole crust. One pizza I made with bbq sauce, canned chicken, and fat free cheddar and mozzarella. I mixed 1 T. of the bbq with the chicken, spread 6 T. on the crust, topped the crust with the chicken, some dried cilantro, and onion on my half. I topped it with 1/4 c. ff mozzarella shreds and 1/4 c. ff cheddar shreds. It was 26 points for the whole pizza. I had two squares=4 points. The other pizza I just cut up two garden tomatoes, sprinkled that with EVOO, 2 cloves fresh garlic, salt, pepper, basil, and mixed it up and slathered it on. I topped it with 3/4 c. ff mozzarella cheese. I had two pieces=2 points!

So, if my math is correct, I have 3 points left still! Whoa! Cool! Maybe I'll use them for some skim milk. We definitely don't drink our milk in this house. When I got home with a 1/2 gallon each of 2% and skim, I threw away a whole 1/2 gal of skim that was expired and 3/4 of a gallon of 2% that was expired. Geesh! I just can't STAND drinking my points. Before WW, we could do a gallon a week. So, since I did good and got my healthy oil in today (the EVOO), maybe I'll do extra good and get my milk in too. Although, it will have sugar free chocolate syrup in it. :)


  1. I need to find some pizza crusts. I use sandwich thins, but it would be nice to make a pizza for everyone not just me.

    We are big milk drinkers here. I have to have a glass of milk before I go to bed. I have to admit that since starting WW, I've probably saved a lot of money on milk. I still love it, but now in moderation. =)

  2. The Meijer ones have been the best ones I have found so far. But, I have also used pita breads, which was pretty good, and flat out wraps, which make a really thin pizza crust. :)