Sunday, August 30, 2009

Uh oh.

I said I wouldn't overdo it at the fest last night. I did a little. I had a Po Dog, Ribbon Fries (w/cheese), and Apple Slices with Carmel. I didn't think I was overdoing it so much, especially when I saw all the other delicious things I could have had. But, when I started doing some research to find out how many points I ate, I came up with 33. That's more than my daily limit! YIKES!

We went out for brunch this morning before tackling the other half of the festival, and I was going to have banana crepes, for about 10 points. Instead I was surprised by the brunch buffet and ate way too much for way too many points. I don't have any idea how many I ate, but it may tie with last night (though for a lot more food). The good news is that was one meal for two meals, and then we walked and walked and walked after that.

I'll try to squeeze in some Wii Fit or a bike ride this evening after a nap. I have one more splurge tomorrow night, we're having pizza for dinner. But, I may get mine sans cheese. I've found I actually like it that way. :) Tonight's dinner will probably be soup and salad (it's like 60 degrees here today--feels like fall), so we can keep the points low to make up for breakfast.

I'm sure I'll have no problem staying on track most of Monday, and Tuesday and Wednesday, but we do have a work potluck Thursday. Hopefully with proper planning and being mindful of Friday's weigh in I can minimize the damage of this weekend. :)


  1. Pizza pizza pizza! (sorry, I'm encouraging you) Yay for Pizza! (Ooops)

  2. It's okay! I had pizza AND stayed in my points. Helpful hint--don't order shrimp on your pizza from this particular local eatery--I should have known it would have been too good to be true, it was canned baby shrimp. EEEW!

  3. You know, I think I miss going out for breakfast/brunch most. I used to just love to eat out, devouring breakfast foods. sigh