Friday, August 14, 2009

Word to the wise...

Doing WW just four days a week does not work. I've tried it for two weeks now, and have gained 1.2 lb. Since switching my weigh day to Friday, I have pretty much eaten how I wanted Fri, Sat, and Sun (see previous post on mind vs. stomach), and tried to get back on track M-Th. Like I said, this doesn't work. I don't recommend it.

Today I did better. I woke up with a full blown cold, so my appetite today varied from ravenous to none at all. I used 10 of my flex points, which seems like a lot to me, but I bet compared to the last two weeks it wasn't. I have Chinese food to thank for that. I forgot to substitute white rice for the fried (but ate it anyway), and always eat my eggroll, it's the best part. But, at least I didn't get General Tso's, which was calling my name for it's sinus clearing abilities, but I believe comes in at 10 pts. per cup! I did good last night at the State Fair too, and didn't eat any fair food. But I did have a chili cheese wrap and tots from Sonic before I went. :)

Let's hope I can stay on track tomorrow and Sunday! I am already way ahead of the last two Fridays, as I actually kept track of points today!


  1. You're right, it doesn't work if we don't work the program! :-)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. We started one day apart!

    I was looking at your 26.8 pound loss photo--it is absolutely amazing what a "mere" 26 pounds can do for a person. What an amazing difference!

  2. p.s. I really like your blog design..pretty color, nice, crisp and clean and 'purty flowers at the top! =)

  3. Oh, a question...Train mommy? Does that mean you like trains or that you have a Thomas lover perhaps?

    My son LOVED Thomas when he was little, and I love trains, my dad worked on the railroad over 40 years. Trains are in my blood. Hubby even works in the RR industry. ;-)

  4. Hi Jo! So happy to see you've found my blog and commented! I like the design too, I went through lots before I settled on this one. I love daisies. Trainmommy is because my son, age 5, is absolutely OBSESSED with trains--Thomas, Geotrax, generic, anything! We love chasing trains and going over railroad tracks, looking at switches, anything train related!

  5. I thought that might be why you chose that name! I was a train mommy, too. And when my son got older, he switched to model railroading. (He's 13) We have a big table in our basement with HO scale trains. Oh, and we still have all the Thomas toys from when he was little. He doesn't play with them, but couldn't bear to part with them!

    When my son was 4, we took our first Amtrak ride. He boarded at 9 pm, and he stayed awake the entire night!

  6. I'm interested to see where trains take us in the future. If he gave up on trains, he'd have almost nothing to play with in the house! He wants to be a train engineer when he grows up. We've only done a short train ride on Amtrak, but have ridden some others at train museums that were a little longer. He's a trainiac!